Gecko ITX - Production Timeline


Gecko M prototype


We get a prototype Through the coloring process, Anodize, actual screw nut will be flat head and the color will blends with the color of the case. Power switch will be black with a black case and in chrome in a titanium color case



Prototype Gecko S, L


Gecko L and S prototypes have been received. In the images, they have not yet anodized, the position of the power switch on the L model will be moved to the top as in the M version.  


Experiment with assembling Gecko L


Smooth assembly. No problem found. Power switch cable will be shortened to 25cm so that the excess cable will not pile up inside the case.

From now on, will send the workpiece to anodize factory. Wait for all the equipment to start reviewing production unit.

This one is our 3rd prototype.  


Temperature test

Gecko L


Tested performance with GPU - Aorus RTX 3090 Extreme (420W) CPU - i9 10900k (220W) using Cooler Nzxt Kraken X62.

The temperature came out as expected: GPU Max 71C, CPU Max 69C, as cool as it was on a test bench.



Get aluminum parts for production work.


The first batch of aluminum parts have been received, all 3 models S, M, L are now waiting to be anodized, which will get a harder and stronger aluminum surface. Long-lasting, hard to scratch.

In the first lot, there will be Graphite color (matt black) and Titanium with a little greenish gray.


Gecko L_2.png

Gecko L Production Unit has arrived!


Gecko size L is out of the factory. Next week size M and S deliver parts. Expected to be available for all models in early March,



Parts of all 3 models are gradually delivered.


The colored pieces still have a problem. The factory does not paint unevenly. I decided to change the coloring process from Anodize to Powder coat.



Powder Coat Color Samples


Powder coat color looks better than Anodize, the color is smooth, even and the same on every piece. Texture of the skin a little rough, no fingerprints. The paint is heat treated at 190C, result in hard surface , resistant to scratches. Expect to receive all the parts next week.



Available For Sale


First lot for size S, M, L finished, next week, I'll put down the price and shipping cost. There is a discount for the first 4 cases of each model.



Gecko XL - Micro ATX


The prototype of the Gecko XL has arrived. The case uses a 4.0mm thick aluminum plate and 5mm thick tempered glass.

It's a case for the store's first Micro ATX board. It can also fit an ATX PSU with a size of only 16 liters.



Gecko XL - Test Fitting


Tested with mainboard, SFX, ATX PSU and GPU, nothing to adjust. It is expected that next week will begin real production.