NCase M1 V6 -1

12.7-liter aluminum case that can fit 240mm radiators. In version 6.1, has improved the side vents to a larger size with USB C 3.0 on the front.

Detachable front USB, allowing to insert 3 GPU slots in 290mm length, normally can fit 2.2 slots 317mm long

Comes with dust filter at the bottom and side + PSU mounting on the front (for Noctua C14s) + 120mm fan grill

NCASE M1 V6.1 Metal Case

SKU: 0016
  • Enclosure Volume


    Enclosure External Dimensions (L x W x H)

    Excluding feet/protrusions: 328mm x 160.6mm x 241.7mm
    Including protrusions: 338mm x 160.6mm x 255.5mm

    Enclosure Interior Dimensions

    307mm x 157mm x 237mm

    Enclosure Weight


    Shipment Weight


    Shipment Dimensions

    400mm x 240mm x 340mm


    Exterior: brushed anodized aluminum, 1.5mm front and sides, 2mm top panel
    Interior frame: 1.5mm matte black painted aluminum
    Interior fan bracket and vented undercarriage: 1.2mm black steel


    Power button with dual-color LED backlight (power on/HDD access)
    Two USB Type A ports (to 19 pin USB header)
    One USB Type C port (to 20 pin/Type E header, see list of compatible boards)
    One 3.5mm headphone/mic combo jack (to HD Audio header)
    Blank no-I/O face plate included



    Mini-ITX, Mini-DTX

    CPU Cooler SupportMaximum height: 130mm with side fan bracket installed, 135mm withoutCPU Heatsinks must not extend past the top edge of the motherboard by more than 10mm.CPU Heatsinks that extend beyond the front edge of the motherboard may interfere with the 3.5" HDD cage and/or power supply (in the default right-side mounting location).Graphics Card Support

    Cards 2.2 slots (45mm) or less:

    Length: 317mmHeight: 140mm at mid-card, 130mm at rear corner, 125mm at front corner (if over 280mm long)

    Cards over 2.2 slots (45mm):

    Length: 280mm (with front I/O ports), 290mm (with front I/O ports removed)Height: 130mm, 125mm at front corner (if over 280mm long)

    Note on height limits: please allow 15-20mm for PCIe power connectors

    Drive Support

    Optical Disc Drive Support(requires optional top panel with ODD slot)

    ODD bracket supports slim slot-loading optical drives in 9.5mm or 12.7mm sizesAlternatively, bracket may be used for a single 2.5" drive (up to 14mm thick)

    2x 3.5" HDDs supported via removable brackets attached to the fan bracket (uses up one side 120mm fan location)

    Alternatively, brackets can support 3x 2.5" drives (up to 15.5mm thick)

    1x 2.5" drive mount on inside-front of chassis (any thickness); also supports mounting of the HDD brackets in 3x 2.5" drive configuration in place of a single 2.5" drive

    Fan SupportSide (fan bracket): 2x 120mmBottom: 2x 120mmRear: 1x 92mmLiquid Cooling Support1x 240 radiator or up to 2x 120 radiators are supported on the side fan bracketRadiators less than 35mm thick are recommended1x 240 or 2x 120 radiators precludes use of the HDD brackets attached to the fan bracketPower Supply Support

    SFX, SFX-L

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