Sliger Cerberus Case - MicroATX
  • The smallest case in the world, the MicroATX, the size is 18 liters. Can fit Mini-ITX, Mini-DTX boards.
  • Size 319mm x 172mm x 358mm
  • Aluminum material Made in america With clear acrylic side panels (sold separately)
  • Can add 1 set of 280mm 240mm radiator and 1 additional 140mm or 120mm
  • Can be adjusted to the maximum wind 145mm, such as NH-C14s, Dark Rock TF
  • Can add a maximum length of 330mm without any thickness
  • Can add 2 2.5 "HHD
  • Compatible with SFX, SFX-L PSU.
  • Comes with a black handle

Sliger Cerberus Case - MicroATX

SKU: 0048