Radeon RX 6900XT - Which one?

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

While I was writing this article, the GPU price has started to come down a bit and availability is rising especially from AMD side, but NVIDIA GPU is still rare and over priced.

I'm a long time NVIDIA fan boy, I use my GPU for CAD and 3D design software. I have tried to use Radeon VII and 5700XT from AMD but they are very bad at my specific software. There were a lot of bugs and crashes and I had to sell it in the next day.

When RTX 3xxx has been newly released, I had a chance to buy MSI VENTUS and AORUS XTREME. The price at time was 1645 USD and 1967 USD respectively.

AORUS XTREME uses binned chip, and it consume more power of 420W comparing with 350W from MSI VENTUS

The price different between these two cards is 322 USD but the Time Spy graphics performance below shows the different of 9.5% in FPS. The margin is big enough and noticeable while gaming at 4k

The both 3090 cards I tested are bad at overclocking, if I would increase the clock speed of just 75MHz, it will crash in some graphic software that I use. So OC these cards does not worth it.

Finally, AMD RX 6xxx cards started to show up and I needed to build a second PC, so I bought this MSI Gaming X Trio 6900XT to try out.

For AMD newbie that want to migrate from NVIDIA, I would suggest to uninstall all of NVIDIA driver and software by using this DDU Display Driver Uninstaller Download version (

After completely uninstall all of NVIDIA software/driver then you need to down load RADEON SOFTWARE from here Radeon™ Software | Graphics Technologies | AMD

Unlike NVIDIA software and Driver, AMD put these initial setting value that can cause some game/benchmark to crash right after you install the driver. I suggest that you make this adjustment before start rolling out your favorite game.