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Gecko XS - Flex PSU PC Case

I've heard that Silverstone is releasing 600W Platinum FLEX PSU name FX600, it also supports dual 6+2 power connectors for GPU (MSI Ventus 3070TI requires dual cables) So I think that it's time to make a case to welcome this new PSU.

When I place a FLEX PSU next to miniITX board, the total length of the layout will be 258mm which is the length of most dual fans GPU, and those GPU usually has less than 50mm thickness. So I use this dimension to specify the width of this case.

These dual fan GPUs are mostly lower end GPU such as RX6500 to RX6600XT for AMD and RTX 3050 to 3060Ti, in most case, user will match them with 65W TDP CPU such as Ryzen 5 or Core i5 CPU. For this reason, I set the CPU cooler height to 47mm. Most 47mm CPU cooler should be enough to cool 65W TDP CPU.

In this build, I'll use Ryzen 5 5600X, Aorus B550i and RX 6600XT

I choose Thermalright AXP-90 full copper as the CPU cooler. Many reviewer put this as the best 47mm low profile cooler. Next to this would be Noctual NH L9

Normally only heat pipe and cold plate that're made of copper or copper plated nickel, but this cooler's totally made out of copper except for mounting bracket. The weight of this cooler is 600 grams.

The height from the cold plate to top of fan is 47.2mm which is standard retrieved from the first sandwich, DAN A4 case. It has the same height as Cryorig C7 and Alpenfon Black Ridge.

The installation processes are the same as other 47mm cooler which is to be installed by placing main board over the cooler. There're 4 thumbscrews to tight by fingers, you should not over tight this with screw driver which can cause the main board to bend permanently. (Don't ask me how I know it)

The fan blade has orange color with red frame. The maximum speed of this fan is 2800 rpm which is considerably loud. This will make Flex PSU next to it sound very quiet.

The maximum temperature with this cooler in CB R23 is 65C (27C ambient temp, R5 5600X) There's no obstruction to RAM module or VRM heatsink. The cooler stays within keep out zone 95x95mm

Gecko XS is another sandwich style case like Gecko S, M and L. It comes flat pack like in the photos. It will take around 5 minutes to get ready for the build, just follow the instruction on the website.

If you have old riser cable from DAN A4 or Ghost S1, you can re-use it with this case, it has the same length of 20cm straight ends. In this build I use my old PCIe Gen 3 cable. I have already set the BIOS in the main bord to PCIe Gen 3 speed, if not the screen will turn black and not POST.

Flex PSU in this build is Dark Forest 500W. It comes with a 6+2 GPU power cable (If you need 2, you've to go for Silverstone FX600) and other modular cable. I've tested this PSU 24/7 at full load and it shows no sign of problem. There was no heat build up and the internal component temperature are kept below 50C , even though this is a SILVER grade PSU.

It comes with 71 USD price tag which is considerably cheap compare to SFX PSU which start at 117 USD. The weight of this PSU is also lighter at 650 grams.

Is it loud?

Well, the answer is definitely yes. Most FLEX PSU fan will run at speed 6500-11000 rpm, it has to draw air through tiny space inside the PSU case and that will generate noise. It's as loud as 92mm fan on AXP-90 at 2000 RPM. If you're in a close private room you will hear the high pitch sound from the fan. But if you're working in an open space office, you won't be able to hear it.

Silverstone FX600 is Platinum rated and it should generate less heat. The fan will run at only 1800 rpm which could be as quiet as SFX PSU.

Replacing the stock fan with Noctua A40x20 12V is the option many people do to reduce fan noise. I think the main reason Noctua fan's quieter is because it runs at slower 5000 RPM. You can check at the current rate on the fan, Noctua uses 0.05A compare with stock fan 0.07A that 40% less!

Dark Forest PSU comes with 3 years warranty and replacing the fan could terminate that. Besides, you have to bet if the 5000 RPM can cool the internal component or not. Let alone the Noctua A4x20 cost 19 USD, that's 25% of the PSU's cost.

If you really need to replace the fan, I recommend to prepare a JST-HX 2 pins cable. So you don't have to cut the stock cable fan and can be put back when you have to send for RMA.

The stock cables are a little too long but manageable. Except for GPU 6+2 cable which is too short. I had to plug the cable into the GPU first then put GPU into the case to make it fit.

At the bottom I put one 120x15m intake fan for cooling GPU and VRM

I also make a lock at the bottom of GPU bracket. This will prevent the bracket from bending when placed up side down and secure the GPU firmly when transport.

The Nitro+ 6600XT has full load temperature of 70C (27C ambient temp.) This GPU has set the fan curve quiet low at stock setting, comparing with my other Nitro (No plus) runs with faster RPM and cooler temperature.

Gecko XS with the hardware has 4700 gram weight, which is not bad to carry around. The above pictures it sit next to Gecko WXL and Gecko 320. Since the Aorus B550i has not USB-Type E connector so I didn't put the USB-C front panel header on, instead, I plug in the plastic cover.

Gecko XS is available to order here. Gecko XS | Mini Computer (

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