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Portable Monitor

ARZOPA  is a 15.6" portable monitor that we have directly imported from the manufacturer. This is grade A quality screen, crisp image and vibrant colors, every screen is IPS panel, providing a wide viewing angle.

ARZOPA screens are available in 3 models: Normal 60 Hz, Gaming 144 Hz and touch screen models.

In the Gaming and the normal 60Hz version, the screen surface is a matte finish and does not reflect light. They have a thin bezel and has a very light weight As for the touch screen model, it is a smooth, glossy glass surface.

Connect using a single USB-C cable.

All ARZOPA monitors can be connected to video signal and power via a single USB-C cable from IPAD, Mac Book, notebook PC with Thunder Bolt port, or mobile phones and some Android tablets.

For devices that don't have a USB-C port, they can still be connected via an HDMI cable and powered through the USB-A port.

Gaming monitors have a refresh rate of up to 144 Hz (when connected via USB-C) with FreeSync, making the image tear-free. and sharp while playing games that need to change the view quickly.

It connects to PS4, PS5, XBOX and Nintendo Switch via HDMI cable to provide refresh rate up to 120 Hz.

Enlarge the screen to watch your favorite movies

All ARZOPA  models connect well with phone. especially in the touch screen version will be able to use the touch system with the mobile phone through the screen as well

You can also use Samsung DEX to turn your mobile phone into a PC.

Add workspace to your Note Book.

ARZOPA can be used as a second monitor, whether it's a Mac or a PC, adding workspace, spread sheet, view stock charts or live stream.

in touch screen version It will work in the same way as Tablet. Works well with Windows 11, 10 and Mac OS. Suitable for use in controlling machines, cash register or connect to devices that don't have space for Keyboard and Mouse.

Can touch up to 10 points at the same time and can be used to move, pan, zoom

There are built-in dual speakers. Moderately loud volume 

There is a 3.5 mm audio jack on the right side.

It has a magnetic flip cover as well. Can be used as a stand

All ARZOPA models come with a 1 year warranty, when there is a problem, it can be send in for replacement.

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