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Powerful PC

In a compact case

Choose the smallest case that fit your hardware

Designed for latest GPU in 2021

High air flow case for ITX board. Ready to ship in 55 countries

Gecko Mini
5 liter case for Ryzen APU
Ryzen 5 Pro 4650G or 4750G
Play games without GPU
Built-in Fan-less Power Supply


Case for micro ATX and ATX board
  • Gecko XL - 16L case for mATX board , fits ATX PSU and 120mm AIO. - 177 USD

  • Gecko WXL - 19L case for mATX board designed specifically for the NH D15. - 171 USD

  • Gecko V - 23L case for ATX Board, co-designed with Gucks TV for custom loop and 360mm Radiator - 261 USD

  • Gecko AIR ATX - Test Bench, small size, 17 liters, for ATX boards, can be placed horizontally or vertically to save space. - 113 USD

Ship to 50 countries - 3-5 days to EU and USA
Gecko ITX Case
Gecko Spare Parts