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Strong chassis for mobility

Only 7 liters in volume

Gecko XS

The Gecko XS is Gecko's smallest case that can mount a dedicated GPU. It measures only 7 liters, is made of 3 mm thick aluminum and weighs only 1600 grams. It also comes with a (detachable) handle, convenient to carry around.

There're also a USB-A and USB-C 10 GB/s connector on the front.

CPU Cooler Height 47mm

For mini ITX board and FLEX PSU

  • Supports FLEX PSUs up to 162 mm in length, the latest FLEX PSU today have up to 600W of power, and two 6+2 pin cables for GPU, such as  Silverstone FX600

  • Maximum air cooler height of 47 mm. Compatible with Cryorig C7, Noctua NH L9, Thermalright AXP-90, CM G200P. Suitable for CPU with 65W TDP

  • Supports 2.5-slot (50mm) thick GPUs, 258mm long and 130mm tall, such as Gigabyte EAGLE, MSI Mech 2x, ASUS Dual, MSI Armor, PowerColor Hellhound, Zotac Twin Edge.

  • A 120x15mm intake fan can be installed at the bottom with one 2.5" SSD.

Support 2x SSDs

  • Second SSD can be installed at the front of PSU

  • There is a choice of riser cables between PCIe Gen 3 and PCIe Gen 4, or you can use an existing cable from previous build (DAN A4, GHOST S1). 

Panels are removable during installation

  • The Gecko cases don't have a Sub-Frame, so the side, top, bottom, and front panels can be removed during installation. Makes installation quick and easy

  • The Gecko XS is designed with the optimal distance between devices in mind, not too tight, easy cable management.

No heat trap inside the case

  • Gecko vents have low flow friction. The air velocity is reduced by only 3.5% as it flows through orifices 

  • The internal heat was tested continuously for 7 days, there was no heat buildup or unusually high temperature point.

Color Chart PowdeCoating.png
  • There are up to 8 colors to choose from. There is a production cycle every week. Delivery within 10 days from the date of purchase

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GXS Spec.jpg
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