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New side glass panel and robust handle

Excellent air flow

Gecko XL V2 

The Gecko XL is a case designed specifically for Micro ATX boards and is only 16 liters in size.​​ We have done many improvement in this version.

CPU air cooler up to 142mm in height

CPU air cooler mode:

If an SFX PSU is mounted on the front. The CPU air cooler up 142mm in height can be fitted. It can house the Noctua NH C14s with 2 fans. There are also two 120mm fans mounting points at the bottom for cooling GPU.  The top panel can install 2 slim fans for exhausting hot air.

Support ATX power supply

ATX Power Supply Mode :

In this mode, it is recommended to cool the CPU with a 120mm AIO or use a slim CPU cooler up to 55mm in height (AMD Wraith Stealth)

*Use perforated side panel for this config.

SFX or SFX-L at the back

SFX-L PSU mode:

When using SFX-L power supply, it is recommended to mount on the back to have more space for wiring. Air cooler height for the CPU is up to 75mm in this configuration. Noctua NH L12s or a 120mm AIO can be used.

Custom loop water cooling

Custom loop mode:

When the SFX or SFX L power supply is installed on the back of the case. Two radiators can be installed, a 240mm radiator at the bottom and a 120mm at the front of the case. The GPU water block used must be shorter than 143mm. 

Modular bracket at front

Modular mounting brackets at the front are used to hold 120mm SFX PSUs or 120mm AIO, and also provide space for  two 2.5" SSDs.

GPU anti sag bracket is included. 

Modular bracket at the back

Three modular mounting brackets at the back for securing 92mm fans, SFX-L PSU and ATX PSU.

Color Chart PowdeCoating.png

Multi colors

Up to 8 colors to choose from. Weekly production cycles. Ships within 10 days of order.


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