Gecko XL - 16 Liters

Gecko XL is a case designed for Micro ATX board at only 16 liters, and it can also fit mini ITX board with ventilation cut out for the hot air coming out of the GPU


Air cooled:

If a SFX PSU is mounted on the front of the Gecko XL, then it can support a 142mm height CPU air cooler. A Noctua NH C14s can be housed with two fans. Additionally, two 120mm fans can be installed at the bottom for cool air intake. The top of the case can be equipped with 2 slim fans to suck the hot air out from the top.

ATX power supply and 120 mm AIO :

If the CPU is cooled with a 120mm AIO or a CPU air cooler which is shorter than 55mm (AMD Wraith Stealth), the Gecko XL can fit a full-size ATX power supply (Only one slim fan at the top will fit)

240mm AIO and Asetek 645 LT:

When used with GPUs up to 2 slots (40mm) thick, a 240 mm AIO can be installed on the bottom with a regular thickness fan. If using a GPU that is 55 mm thick, a 15mm thin fan is required instead.

Asetek 645 LT: Can be put at the rear. This 92mm AIO has similar performance to the 120 mm AIO.

Custom loop water cooling and tempered glass side panel

When the SFX or SFX L power supply is installed on the rear of the case A 2 radiators  can be installed, a 240mm radiator at the bottom and a 120mm at the front of the case. The GPU block used must be shorter than 143mm.

There is an accessory kit for attaching to the temper glass side panel.

3.5" hard disk and 2.5" SSD

Two supplied front mounting brackets for attaching the 120mm enclosure and the SFX PSU. Both can install two 2.5" SSDs, and if the 120mm AIO is not in use, a 3.5" HDD can be mounted in place. 3.5" HDD bracket can also be mounted at the bottom of the case.

GPU sag bracket

Comes standard, prevent your GPU's PCB from bending

Easy to assemble

The Gecko XL is made of aluminum plates up to 4 mm thick. The top, bottom and front plates can be removed during build, makes it easy to assemble the case