Gecko WXL

Gecko WXL has the same height and dept as the Gecko XL, but it is 35mm wider, it can fit popular tower coolers such as the Noctua NH D15 and NH D15s with two fans when RAM height not exceeding 45mm

Gecko WXL is designed specifically for air cooling. We know that air cooler works well when nothing blocks the airflow. It has 6 sides of Gecko's style air vents to keep hot air from the GPU and CPU from getting stuck inside the case.

In addition, the Gecko WXL is designed to fit two fans at the bottom for intake and GPU cooling and 3 exhaust fans at the top and back.

While Gecko WXL won't fit an ATX PSU, it can fit SFX and SFX-L PSU, leaving cable room of 44mm for the SFX-L and 74mm for the SFX. It also has mounting for a 2.5" SSD

Gecko WXL top and bottom plates are removable during assembly, making it easier to insert, remove air cooler and the GPU.

Choose between side covers with vents for maximum efficiency or side covers with 5 mm thick black tempered glass.


Instructions for Noctua NH D15 and D15s

If choosing between NH D15 or NH D15s, we recommend starting with the mATX board you are using. If your board has  PCIe X16 in the first slot (corresponding to the mounting holes in the red arrow), the NH D15 may crash to the back of the GPU, or it may be so close that it is too difficult to unlock the GPU's latch. In this case, we recommend that you use the NH D15s.

But if your PCIe X16 slot is in 2nd slot (ASUS TUF B550m), you will be able to use NH D15 without any problem.

The picture below is an example of installation on MSI B550m Mortar board. It can be seen that when used with the NH D15, there is space on the top for the ventilation fan. But the gap between the cooler and the GPU is very narrow, making it difficult to unlock the latch and remove the GPU. (May need to use small stick to unlock the latch)

But if using the NH D15s, there will be more gaps between the GPUs, making it easier to remove the GPU. But there is no space left for the ventilation fan on top.