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Gecko S - Installation steps

  • Place the case horizontally, remove the side, top and bottom plates. Use a 2mm Allen key.

  • Attach the CPU Cooler, RAM and M.2 NVME to the motherboard, if PCIE 3.0 Riser cable is being used with mainboard and GPU that support PCIE 4.0, do connect the GPU and adjust the PCIE speed in the BIOS prior to installation.

  • Insert the I / O shield to the back panel as shown.

  • Gently put the motherboard straight down, if PSU bracket obstruct with mainboard, remove the bracket first. Place the motherboard over the Riser Cable.

  • Secure with 4 M3x6 screws in A bag.

  • Connect the cable from the power switch to the motherboard, the header with 1 dot will be Power connector, the header with 2 dots will be Power LED (no polarity).

  • Insert the PCI-E Riser cable onto the motherboard and press firmly.

  • If using the Astek 645 LT AIO, assemble the 92x15mm fan to the radiator using 6-32x3 / 4 '' screws in the D bag.

  • If using a 2.5 "SSD, attach the SSD to the SSD Bracket using M3x5 screws.

  • Assemble the radiator at the holes mark in blue as illustrated in the picture. Use the 6-32 x 5/16 ”screws in the E bag. Turn the water hose toward CPU side as shown.

  • Remove the PSU bracket and attach it to the SFX PSU using the 6-32 x 5/16 '' screws in the E bag.

  • Place the PSU on the plastic shoulder (PSU Seat).

  • Secure the PSU bracket with M3x8, attach a hole in the middle first, do not fully tight. Then attach the other 2 side holes, the screws should not be over tightened.

  • Remove GPU Lower Lock and GPU Upper Lock as shown M3x8, use a 2.5mm Allen key.

  • Plug the GPU into the PCI-E slot.

  • Put on GPU Lower Lock, no need to tighten, straighten GPU by hand.

  • Place the case horizontally, secure the GPU Upper Lock with 2 M3x8, it should not be over tightened.

  • Use your hand to adjust the GPU to straighten, then attach with M3x6 in bag A. Tighten the screws when GPU is aligned.

  • Connect the PCI-E 6 + 2 cable (this cable will be supplied with the PSU) to the GPU.

  • Press the IEC320 cable firmly onto the PSU; if not fully pressed, the top fan will be interruped.

  • Install the 120x15mm fan onto the top panel, fix it with M5 screws in the F bag.

  • Facing the fan cable towards the motherboard side, the wiring will be easier

  • Close the top cover and try to spin the fan blades. If stuck, rearrange the top wires over the PSU.

  • Close the side cover and try to power on. Notice the fans rotation. If the fan blade is stuck, rearrange the wires.

Gecko Installation Video
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