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Gecko MINI 5 liters case


Gecko Mini is a 5-liter case designed exclusively for Ryzen APUs and Intel iGPUs. It's small, portable, and includes a built-in 200 W power supply, so you don't have to carry an AC adapter.

  • Using a 200W Mean Well Industrial Grade Power Supply, passive cooling, No fan noise, 0 dB

  • Support CPU Cooler 54mm high. Compatible with AMD Wraith Stealth without modifications.

  • 40% air vents on 4 sides, excellent heat dissipation

  • Made from 3 mm thick aluminum sheet, lightweight PETG plastic joints are highly flexible, heat resistant and will not break easily.

  • Can be placed vertically, takes up a small footprint, only 11 cm wide

  • Support ITX motherboards, easy to upgrade when newer CPUs are available.

  • Comes with a carrying handle



  • Can be used with all Ryzen APU models, the current Ryzen 4xxxG and 5xxxG will use 100W maximum power, should only be used with B550 or X570 mainboard.

  • Can be used with Intel CPU with TDP of not more than 65W (Non K), maximum power consumption is 165W.

Gecko Mini is designed for users to easily install their devices. In no time

  • Supports 1 of 2.5 "SSD

  • Supports 3.5 "HDD (on 3.5" HDD Edition)

  • Mechanical Switch button with LED light

  • DC / DC Converter ,High Quality ,V Ripple <50 mV

  • Mean Well PSU is widely used. Commercially available in most country.

  • 2 front USB-A ports

  • Size 234x210x113mm

  • Weight include PSU:  2200 g

  • Weight include everything :  3000 g

Screenshot 2021-05-11 183259.jpg

We Stress test both Mean Well PSU and DC / DC Converter at 165W load for 24H, you can be assured that the quality of the power supply is according to ATX standard and no fire hazard.


You can choose to choose compact and portable in standard models that provide Mean Well PSU or choose 3.5 "HDD in HDD Edition and use 200W AC Adapter instead.

Installation method

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