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Gecko ITX is designed for the next generation of GPUs, it comes in 3 variants, S, M, and L.

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Cooling Performance

  • The top, bottom and side plates have 40% openings, making no difference in GPU and CPU temperatures when closing and opening side panels

  • There is a hole cut out for ventilate hot air from the back of the GPU

  • All Gecko ITX models can fit 2 of 120mm slim fans on the top without additional top hat.

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  • All frames and covers made from 3 mm thick aluminum alloy, powder coat finish and heat treated with high 190 C temperature, result in harden surface and scratch proof, available in two colors, gray and matt black.

  • Corner piece and the feet made of PETG which is strong, impact proof and heat resistant

  • ADT's PCI-e cables are available in both PCI-e 3.0 and 4.0 configurations.

  • The Gecko ITX is light, weighing only 1.6 kg in the S, M and 2.2 kg in the L variant.

Easy assembly

  • We pre-assemble the case right out of the box. You can start your build right away.

  • Removable top, bottom and front cover for easier assembly.

  • We designed the Gecko ITX with ATX compliant, making it easy to fit your devices, without cramping, and damaging your expensive equipment.

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Designed for a wide variety of hardware.

Fits most GPU and CPU coolers

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