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For high power PC

Gecko Aqua X

Gecko Aqua X is a case designed for custom loop water cooling with a 60mm thick 360mm radiator but retaining the smallest size of only 22 liters, taking up only 16x30 cm of workspace on your desk.

The case is designed with airflow in mind for the radiator to work efficiently.

In addition, the Aqua X has a black tinted tempered glass panel on both sides. This make RGB lights visible at good amount.

The Aqua X is suitable for building high-powered PC with compact size and low noise.

Thicker is better

The 240x30mm dual-fan radiator, commonly used in small cases, only cools 250W at 1800 rpm fan speed. If you need to cool a RTX3080 (350W) and another 150W  from Intel i9 or Ryzen 5800X. The small radiator can not keep up, the water temperature will rising and damage your components.


Thicker radiator has better cooling performance. New generation CPU and GPU use more than 500W of combined power. Using 2 radiators in a small case will make it difficult to route the tube and less efficiency.

The radiator cooling performance will increase when different in air and coolant temperature increase. When the different is 10C and fan speed is 1800 rpm. The 60mm thick radiator has 47% better performance than 30mm thin radiator. 

We tested the 360x60mm radiator in the Gecko Aqua X case with both panels on. It can cool more than 450W using only 1350 rpm fan (room temperature 26C). This radiator also capable of cooling Intel Core i9 12900KS with sustain load 241W (80C max. temp.) and AMD Radeon RX 6900 XT with sustain load 303W (55C max. temp)

GPU Side

CPU Side

  • Supports 360mm radiators 60mm thick and 120x25mm fan, maximum thickness of radiator and fan combine is 85mm

  • Supports miniITX boards and SFX or SFX PSUs only.

  • Designed specially for water cooling, compatible with regular GPU, CPU block and regular fittings.

  • Supports DDC Pump/Res Combo up to 120mm in length, mounting bracket is included.

  • It comes with a PCIe Riser 4.0 cable.

  • 120x25mm exhaust fan can be installed at the top, all hot air will flow out at the top.

  • At the bottom there is space cable storage.

  • Suitable PSU cable length  - Mainboard 20+4 pins = 320mm, GPU 6+2 pins = 200mm, CPU 4+4 pins = 460mm. A shorter PSU cable length may be required. use an extension cord

Dual strong handles

All ports locate at the back

  • Complete build weighs about 14-15 kg. There are dual handles at the top for carrying.

  • All port and I/O can be access from the rear. There are 3  display pass through cable. DP x 2 and  HDMI x 1.