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Optional vent panel for air cool GPU

Gecko Aqua

Gecko Aqua is a case that evolved from the Gecko Aqua X case. It's 30mm shorter, making it smaller from 22 liters to 19.7 liters, occupying a desk space of only 16x28cm. The AIO 360mm can also be installed and paired with stock air-cooled GPU.

Choose the right size radiator

The 360x30mm radiator is suitable for CPU and GPU with a combined power consumption of up to 360W (with 1800 rpm fan), such as RTX 3070, RX 6700XT with Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7 or Core i5, i7 CPU.

GPU Side

CPU Side

Custom loop water cooling

  • Supports 30mm thick 360mm radiators and 25mm thick 120mm fans, or the total thickness of radiators and fans does not exceed 55mm.

  • Supports miniITX boards and SFX or SFX PSUs only.

  • Designed for regular fittings, CPU and GPU block.

  • Supports DDC Pump/Res Combo up to 120mm in length, mounting bracket is included.

  • It comes with a PCIe Riser 4.0 cable.

  • At the top can be installed 120x25mm ventilation fans. All hot air is expelled to the top.

  • At the bottom there is space for store excess cable.

  • Suitable PSU cable length  - Mainboard 20+4 pins = 320mm, GPU 6+2 pins = 200mm, CPU 4+4 pins = 460mm. Some stock PSU cable might be shorter and require extension cable.

GPU Side

CPU Side

All in one water cooling

  • Support 3 fans AIO 360mm radiator thickness up to 45mm and pump block height up to 56mm.

  • Supports large GPUs, 3.5 slots (69mm) wide, 370mm long and 160mm tall such as MSI Suprim X, Aorus Xtreme.

All ports locate at the back

  • Designed with all ports on the back. Easy to organize cables.

  • There are Pass through port for 2 Display Port and 1 HDMI port.

Easy to assemble

  • The front cover is easy to remove for dust cleaning on radiator

  • USB-C 10GB/s, 2x USB-A, and an LED power button are included as standard.

Design for water cooling from the ground up

  • The water reservoir is installed in the top position. This makes it easy to get rid of air bubbles in a matter of hours.

  • Easy to install fitting and route tubing.

Water cooling equipment use.

  1. Hose fitting G1/4" according to pipe size (recommended size 10/16mm) 8 pieces​

  2. 90 Degree Angle G1/4", 3 pieces

  3. 45 Degree Angle G1/4", 2 pieces

  4. Extender male-female 20mm G1/4"   1 pc.

  5. Soft tube (recommended to be PU or Silicone), 1 meter long.

  6. Water stop plug G1/4"  2 pieces

Recommended pumps and reservoirs  

1. Barrow SPB-17 TM height 80mm

2. Bykski B-Tank-DDC-Mi height 103mm

3. A typical DDC pump with a reservoir size of 60 mm long will have a total length of about 117mm.


  • There are up to 8 colors to choose from. There is a production cycle every week. Delivery within 10 days from the date of purchase


**Radiator must not be wider than 126mm.

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