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Lay horizontally


The Gecko Air ITX is a case designed for use as a test bench or an open case for good ventilation. It is compact in size and can be placed both horizontally or vertically to save space. It designed to support only SFX PSU to reduce clutter cable.

Only 150mm wide

250mm Long - Solid aluminum panel 3.0mm

The Gecko Air ITX is made of 3.0 mm thick aluminum, strong and lightweight, with a volume of only 10.5 liters. It also support large tower cooler and  3-slot GPU with no length limitation. There are 5 legs for horizontal placement and 4 legs in vertical positions with good anti-slip rubber from 3M.

New GPU Bracket

No CPU cooler obstruction

  • The newly designed GPU mount makes it easy to remove and insert the GPU and no obstructing the cable's header.

  • The rear power socket is raised above the motherboard line and does not obstruct the air cooler.

  • The case when assembled, the weight is balanced. No tilting to one side even if a large tower cooler is installed

Include AIO bracket

Support 120mm AIO

  • Included 120 mm AIO mounting bracket and it can be attached to the top of the case.

Color Chart PowdeCoating.png
  • There are up to 8 colors to choose from. There is a production cycle every week. Delivery within 10 days from the date of purchase

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