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The Gecko Air ATX is a compact case designed for use as a flat test bench. Compatible with SFX or SFX-L PSU only, so the power cable is not too long. Plus, it can be placed vertically to save space instantly without the need for additional equipment.

The Gecko Air ATX is made from 4.0 mm thick aluminium, has a volume of only 17 liters. It is compatible with ATX and mATX boards. It also comes with a power switch and a USB-A port at the front.

  • There is an opening on the back for removing the cooler bracket and access to PSU power switch.

  • There are multiple cable tie points for mATX and ATX boards for neatness.

  • Include 140mm fan mounting plate for GPU cooling.

  • Include 2 GPU anti sag.

  • Support custom loop installation with DDC/D5 pump mounting bracket, and 120-360mm radiator mounting bracket.

  • Supplied with vertical GPU mount bracket, compatible with 180-200mm straight end riser cable (sold separately).

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