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Strong chassis for mobility

Designed specially for air cooler

Gecko 320

The Gecko 320 is a case designed for mobile workstations that can be carried anywhere. Being smaller than Cabin size, with a handle and a strong chassis to protect internal devices.

CPU Cooler Height 160mm

For mini ITX board and SFX PSU

  • The internal space and air vents are designed specifically for CPU tower coolers that use 120mm fans, such as the Noctua NH U12A or Deepcool AK 620, which are capable of cooling up to 220W.  

  • There are mounting points for up to 6 120mm fans.

  • Supports 3 slots GPU, length up to 320mm.

  • Supports 2 2.5" SSDs

  • The Gecko case does not have a Sub-Frame. Constructed from 4.0mm thick aluminum plate, the top, bottom, sides, front plates can be removed during installation without beams. or any obstruction

ฺBack to front air flow

The Gecko 320 is designed to draw cool air into the rear of the case and exhaust to the sides and front. This way the CPU air cooler works most efficiently because the hot air emitted from the GPU is not sucked into the CPU air cooler. We recommend using a 120mm fan tower cooler for this case, which match perfectly with the opening on the back. In our testing, the NH U12A performs better than the NHD15 in this case.

To maintain the smallest case size possible. The power cable female plug at the rear of the machine is left outside to avoid crashing with CPU cooler.

Let it breaths where it needs

  • There is a dedicated vent for the GPU Open Cooler. As mini ITX motherboards do not cover the cooling vents at the bottom of the GPU, heat is quickly pushed out, preventing the GPU from recirculating hot air.

  • For a 3-slot GPU, a 120x15mm fan can be placed at the bottom, while the rest can accommodate a 120x25mm fan.

  • Plenty of cable storage even with an SFX-L PSU.

  • At the front, the exhaust fan is positioned slightly above the GPU to suck up the hot air emitted from the back of the GPU. This location only support a 120x15mm fan.

  •  GPU Anti Sag bracket can be mount on the front panel (only works with 2-2.5 slot GPUs).

Better than test bench cooling performance

Strong large handle

High stiffness side panel

  • Large handle, comfortable to hold, can carry more than 50 kg.

  • The Gecko 320's side panels have added four additional mounting points, resulting in very little flex under load. Can carry weight more than 50 kg

No Sub-Frame panels can be completely removed, no obstruction.

  • Easy to disassemble, top, bottom, front plates can be removed during assembly.

Bundle with protective sleeve

  • Comes with a well padded cover, easy to put on to protect the case during transport.

Color Chart PowdeCoating.png
  • There are up to 8 colors to choose from. There is a production cycle every week. Delivery within 10 days from the date of purchase

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