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Standard vent panel

Optional 5.0mm tempered glass.

Gecko 250

The Gecko 250 is a case designed for mid-range CPUs and can accommodate dual-fan GPUs up to 250mm in length and up to 55mm in thickness.  Many of the popular and commercially available such as MSI 3070 Ventus and RX 6700, RX 6600 and RTX 3060, 3050 models are dual fan GPUs. The case is 11 liters in volume. The top has a removable handle and can be taken with you anywhere

CPU Cooler Height 128mm

3 case fan mounting points

The Gecko 250 is designed with airflow in mind. There are 120mm fan mounting points at the bottom and top, and at the back is for a 92mm fan. You can mount a CPU cooler up to 128mm in height such as NH U9S, NH C14S or Thermalright Assasin King 90 due to the good ventilation of the case, even if using a glass side panel the CPU and GPU temperature will not increase.

Include AIO bracket and handle

A handle and a 120mm AIO mounting bracket are included, no need to buy extra.

High air flow cut out pattern

We use 3.0mm thick aluminum, cut by high-pressure water one channel at a time. To achieve the Gecko ventilation holes which are designed with minimal air resistance. where the air velocity loss is negligible as it moves through the openings. The Gecko 250 has vents where every component needs it.

Easy assembly - All panels are removable.

The Gecko case doesn't have a Sub-Frame. It uses an outer shell as the case structure. The top, front and bottom plates can be removed without crossbars or obstructions. Makes it easy to put the GPU, CPU cooler or cleaning.

NH C14s on AM4 socket and FLEX PSU

Optional FLEX PSU Bracket

  • A mounting bracket for the FLEX PSU is available as an additional purchase.

  • For use with FLEX PSUs up to 175mm in length. 

  • When used with an AM4 board, the NH C14s can be mounted horizontally (for Intel sockets, the NH C14s can be mounted vertically).

Color Chart PowdeCoating.png
  • There are up to 8 colors to choose from. There is a production cycle every week. Delivery within 10 days from the date of purchase

G250 Spec 2.jpg
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